Du Yuesheng

Boss of the Shanghai Criminal Underworld


Du Yueshang is “Jung-shi” (宗師) or “Boss of the Underworld.” He runs gambling, prostitution and all opium trade in the French Concession. His activities are tacitly supported by the French Concession authorities. Yueshang never lets his guard down — he is usually accompanied by shoutgun-toting White Russian bodyguards. Cross him in any way, and he will have the Shanghai equivalent of “kneecapping” performed on you: every visible tendon in your body will be cut. Every. One.

In 1927 he used his criminal gang, the Green Gang, to back Chiang Kai-Shek against the Communists in the 1927 Shanghai Purge. Chiang rewarded him with legitimacy and political clout. He is, in fact, president of the national Board of Opium Suppression Bureau. With this position, he is beginning to control ALL of China’s opium trade.

He has many legitimate businesses, including Shanghai’s largest shipping corporation and two banks.

Du Yuesheng

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