Morris "Two Gun" Cohen

Jewish Gunslinger and Chinese Patriot


Morris Cohen was working as a British mercenary in Canada when he stepped in to save the life of a Chinese restaurant owner during a robbery. This was unheard of at the time, and he was quickly welcomed into the expat Chinese culture.

He used this friendship to serve as an business emissary for corporations looking to expand into China. Right after World War I (where he fought with Chinese laborers maintaing the rail lines) he flew to China to close a business deal with the anti-Imperial leader Sun Yat-Sen.

Cohen became fast friends with the general, eventually serving as his bodyguard and fighting alongside him in many of the decisive battles of the Warlord Era. During one firefight he was nicked by a bullet while pausing to reload his revolver. From that time on, he carried two pearl-handled six shooters — earning his nickname “Two Gun”.

In 1930 Sun Yat-Sen is dead, but Morris still serves as bodyguard to the General’s widow. He’s an infamous fixer and mercenary, with ties to British Intelligence. He is one of the few Westerners unconditionally loved and trusted by Chinese of every faction.

Morris "Two Gun" Cohen

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