Sir Victor Sassoon

British Merchant Prince and Bon Vivant


The Sassoon banking empire stretched all the way back to medieval Spain. The family originally settled in Baghdad, serving as financiers to the Pasha. In the early 1800’s they fled to India, where they established the largest trading company in the Eastern Hemisphere. For a long time the Sassoons not only controlled legitimate trade, they also ran the opium business into Shanghai.

Sir Victor Sassoon lives in Shanghai as a wealthy bon vivant who works tirelessly to protect Western interests in the Orient and is even now helping European Jews escape Germany. Sir Victor walks with the aid of two sticks as the result of injuries in World War I in which he served in the Royal Flying Corps. He founded the Cathay Hotel, considered the most luxurious in all of Asia.

The Sassoon family brought countless treasures out of the Middle Eastern deserts, many of which are on display in the Cathay. Rumor has it that Sir Victor has a private collection of more esoteric — and possibly more dangerous — artifacts.

Sir Victor Sassoon

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